Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wow! I´m so excited and happy! I have published my second original design on Ravelry and I am getting a huge response!
Here she is, Timantti:

This shawl is made from the softest merino yarn and the result is a light and airy shawl with a diamond pattern border as the only decoration. Timantti means diamond in Finnish and I think it´s a beautiful word!

The pattern is available as a free download:


  1. What a pretty shawl!!!
    I saw it first on Ravelry and made a comment but want to comment on your blog as well!

  2. Vilken fin sjal - otroligt härligt mönster

  3. Caroline....this shawl is just beautiful and is done in one of my favorite colors! I love your dreams and have become a Follower on your website.

  4. What a design ? It's very nice. Surely I will buy it... Register domain India