Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Knitting is pure magic! A single strand of yarn transformes into a beautiful cardigan or a soft and lovely shawl. I´m so thrilled every time I´ve finished a project! All those stitches on my needles have turned into something nice to wear myself or give away to somebody I care about.

When a project is off the needles it often looks creased-up and out of shape. It is not as soft as you would wish either. But when soaked and blocked something has happened!
It´s like when the caterpillar bursts out of the cocoon transformed into a beautiful butterfly!

I have been knitting on a shawl for my friend who is moving up north. The yarn felt hard and itchy, but when blocked it turned soft and beautiful.

Here is before and after:

The pattern is found here or here The yarn is Kauni effekt 100% wool.

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