Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sideway shawls

Lately, I´ve been knitting a few shawls sideways. One of them, "Forest Beauty", is knitted from tip to tip with a lacepattern to the right and stockinette stitches to the left. The shape is made by increasing the stockinette part and then, after you reached the middle, decreasing again until you only have the lace tip left.

The other one, Amalia, is made in another way. First you knit the lace border and then pick up stitches all the way and knit garter stitches in short rows, thus forming a crescent.

They both are lovely patterns, but I have realized that I like triangular shawls much more. But the shawls was fun to knit, and since I´m always looking for something new and exciting, a new shape, a new yarn, a new color, you have to acccept that it doesn´t always work out in the end.

Now on to the next project!!.

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