Friday, December 28, 2012

Zebra Cowl

I really like how this cowl turned out! It looks great with my black coat and is warm and cosy but light and airy at the same time.

It's very easy to make and is done in a couple of hours. You will need about 100 g of super bulky yarn in each color.

Here's what I did:

CO 21 stitches with needles 12 mm. This will give you a cowl 30 cm wide. You can easily change the width by casting on more or less stitches, but always an odd number.
Every row: k2, *yo, k2tog*, k1.
Change color every other row and always pick up the new yarn from behind the yarn you just used.
Knit for about 140 cm. BO with same color you started with. Twist the garment once and sew together. Voila!


Friday, January 27, 2012

The easiest fingerless mittens - ever!

I have to admit it: I have a large stash! I decided to start making something out of every small skein. I came up with these fingerless mittens. They took only a couple of hours to knit and I used just 60 meters of DK weight yarn. They are knitted in the round and NO seeming is required!

Here's how I made them:

CO 32 stitches on 5 mm needles and join in the round. Either use double pins or, as I always do, use the magic loop-method (you can find great tutorials on youtube).
Knit 3 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
Knit 3 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
Knit until piece measures 9 cm (or the length that fits you).
BO 2 stitches in the beginning of next round.
Knit back and forth (knit one row, turn the work and purl back) for 3.5 cm.
At the end of last row CO 2 stitches and start knitting in the round again.
Knit 3 cm.
Purl 1 round.
Knit 3 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
Knit 3 rounds.
BO loosely.

Make another one and you've got yourself a pair of nice and cosy mittens.