Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sweet Baby Sweater

I friend of mine had a grandson, I wanted to knit something for him and came up with this little sweater. Unfortunately it took me a while to knit it, write up the pattern and testknit it, so now the boy is too big for it...
Well, well, hopefully I get som grandchildren of my own some day!

The sweater can be made in endless different ways and it's easy to make it smaller or bigger since it's knitted from the top down without any seams. The pattern is a free download here.


  1. This is such a beautiful sweater! How much of the variegated yarn would I need to knit this for 6 months old baby?

  2. Very nice sweaters! So intresting colour combination!

  3. Do you increase before and after every marker? If so, the piece doesn’t measure 11cm. If I increase before the 1st marker and after the 2nd marker then the piece is much larger than 4cm. I did it both ways. What am I doing wrong?