Thursday, April 14, 2011

More mysteries

I have participated in a couple of more Mystery KAL's. Great fun!

First it was another one by Threebagsfull: Mystery KAL Shawl. I used Kauni Wool Effekt and the result is lovely. I have used the shawl a lot this cold and endless winter, it´s really warm and cosy! Here's my project page: November Mystery.

Then the turn came to She-Knits' beaded Cynthia Shawl. My project page is here: Cynthia Mystery KAL. For this beautiful shawl I used Regia Silk and I'm very happy with this result too! I love the jeans look. It's a perfect shawl for spring.


  1. For noen lekre sjal du har strikket . Det blå/grå var aldeles nydelig. Nå får jeg nok et to-do prosjekt på Ravelry. Takk for tips!

  2. I purchased the Swedish lInes pattern. I need help. Will you resend the video. I can't find it. I have the pattern and I need help.
    Thank you Nikki Rice