Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first

The last couple of months I have knitted a lot of shawls, many of them with lace pattern. As much fun it is to knit lace, I´m not a very lacey person. Some of the shawls I use. Some of them gather dust in my closet. Some I give away. My favorites are those I changed a bit to my liking. One day I said to myself: Why not try to come up with an original design and get exactly what I want? The result is Harry!

Harry is a simple shawl that shows off self-striping yarn beautifully. It´s mostly in stockinette stitch with a garter eyelet pattern at the bottom. Though the Harry Shawl is similar to other shawls, I´m really proud of it! The yarn is from Opal´s Harry Potter sock yarn collection. This one is made in "Ron".

And this one in "Dumbledore".

I know I will knit another one soon. There is so much gorgeous sock yarn out there!

The pattern is avaliable as a free download on ravelry.com. My username is carowiens.

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  1. Jättefin!
    Tack för att du så generöst delar med dig av ditt mönster, jag ska gå in till Carin (Fröken Garn) och köpa garn till den i nästa vecka :O)